About Me

I’m Inass Jenner and I have a real passion for interior architecture and design. This blog is my platform to share my take on current trends and styles while I explore the history behind some of them. I believe it is important to go back to basics and find inspiration in the past to nail down a contemporary version of a style. And what better place than France, my new country of residence to do just that?

After more than a decade living and working in Dubai, I have now relocated to the west of France in a charming historical city called Laval. Laval is located in the heart of Pays-de-La-Loire, a region famous for its beautiful landscapes, stunning chateaux and a rich history. 

While I work in Marketing and Communications, I allocate time to study as I have completed a diploma in Professional Interior Design, read reference books and guides and have fun visiting iconic places and industry events. I then filter through my findings, select the best, timeless and most aesthetic in terms of wall covering, furniture, rugs, decoration, lighting, wall art…etc to share with you.

This blog will also include chronicles of our renovation house project as we own a 200-year-old stone cottage in a quaint village of less than 300 inhabitants. Getting an old house up to modern standards while keeping its charm and architectural signature intact can be quite the task !

I hope you enjoy my posts… Please follow, like, and share !

Inass M. Jenner

Let’s talk! feel free to contact me: inassjenner@gmail.com