About Me

Hi there! I’m Inass Jenner, and I’m passionate about interior architecture and design. From my new home in beautiful France, I’m exploring the country’s rich history and stunning landscapes to find inspiration for contemporary trends and styles. My passion for knowledge and understanding of interior design is not limited to French styles – I strive to explore ideas from all over the world to keep myself motivated and on my journey of self-discovery. My passion for interior design has been a great source of joy and growth, and my appreciation is ever-evolving and eclectic in nature. I am constantly looking for inspiration to discover new ideas and develop my craft, and in doing so, I become a better designer.

Through this blog, I’ll share my favorite pieces of timeless and aesthetic wall coverings, furniture, rugs, decorations, lighting, wall art and more. I’ll also document our progress as we renovate a 200-year-old stone cottage in a quaint village of less than 300 people. It’s not an easy task, but we are determined to bring this house up to modern standards while still preserving its charm and architectural signature.

Come along with me as I explore and share my passion for interior architecture and design. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the journey!

Inass M. Jenner

Let’s talk! feel free to contact me: inassjenner@gmail.com