This 19sqm apartment, located in Stockholm, was recently featured in a home tour by The Nordroom.

I like how this apartment sparks the imagination, showcasing a harmonious blend of French and Nordic styles, even within a compact space. Its owner affectionately named it ‘Little Paris,’ a nickname I believe it wears quite well.

Personally, I would have chosen a different shade for the Ikea Bodbyn kitchen. While the grey colour isn’t my favourite – it’s a common sight here in Western France – the overall design still works remarkably well.

Let’s dive deeper to discover what makes this interior so special.

A Match Made in Heaven

The Nordic style is incredibly adaptable, perhaps more so than any other. As my regular readers know, I frequently recommend it, with a special mention of IKEA. This is because IKEA has truly brought this style into the mainstream, a fact we’re all quite familiar with.

In a nutshell, IKEA’s influence is inescapable.

However, there’s another aspect to consider. To avoid having your home look like an IKEA showroom—or, God forbid, a clone of your neighbour’s living room—a few simple personal touches can significantly make your space unique.

In this context, French-style furniture, which is widely available from various brands, beautifully complements the Nordic style: French design adds charm and style, while Nordic brings sleek modernity to the mix.

The Art of Proportion and Floor Space Optimisation

The careful planning of proportions and floor space helps prevent a cluttered look in limited spaces. Even when we are blessed with a spacious living area, getting the proportions right is just as important or we may end up with furniture which appears either ridiculously small or simply overpowering.

Back to our example: you can see how the round wooden side table was repurposed as a coffee table, saving space without distracting from the velvet couch and the stunning wall art gallery.

Another smart use of floor space is the wall-mounted sideboard by the entrance, along with the choice of dining setting. Though tiny, they both fit perfectly in this apartment, allowing for a smooth passageway.

Finally, books are positioned at a certain height and shelves are fitted appropriately.

Blending Boundaries

I like how the balcony becomes an extension of the sitting room. By adding seaters, while ensuring the access to the balcony remains unblocked, both areas seem to merge seamlessly. This layout not only offers depth but also provides more room for entertainment. It allows people to interact comfortably in two spaces that feel both open and connected.

A Wall Art Gallery Like No Other

This wall art gallery is a perfect example of what I meant in my post ‘Wall Art: Forget Trends, Follow Your Heart’. It features a beautiful display of a mix-match of frames, mirrors, and an antique wall candle holder. This unique arrangement not only makes the gallery like no other but also brings interest to the room, effectively diverting attention from its limited size.

Books and Colours

Books and colours make any home feel cosy. In smaller spaces, there’s no need to shy away from using colours, if balance is achieved.

Saying Bye Bye to The TV

In this apartment, there is no TV, as there simply isn’t room for one. Sometimes, one must compromise and be content with such decisions. I haven’t owned a TV for years, and I have survived. In my view, a TV is no longer a staple of interior design or a necessary focal point.

Now, for those interested in recreating this style blend, I have compiled a style board (with the addition of a singular English piece) complete with details on where these products can be sourced :

All my recommendations are voluntary and I am not sponsored by any of these brands.

  1. Ceiling Light, SAMODE, from Maisons du Monde, 229€.
  2. Table lamp, Marigold, from H&M, 59,99€.
  3. Antique candle holder, available at Etsy.
  4. Shelves, VERSAILLES, from Maisons du Monde, 949€.
  5. Bed set, ELISABETTA, from Yves Delorme, around 400€.
  6. English style sofa, BLUEBELL Two and half seat sofa with Bahama velvet upholstery and English oak legs with Bronze castors, from, about 3,000€.
  7. Side table, ‘Décoration d’Autrefois’, from La Redoute, 420€.
  8. Mirror, RÅMEBO, from IKEA, 159€.
  9. Vintage style rug, FLORIS, from La Redoute, 89,99€.
  10. Antique candle holder, available at Etsy.
  11. Accent chair, BROBOCK / BJÖRKTRAST, from IKEA, 169€.

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