My blogpost about Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment served as the catalyst for creating a concept board where mid-century modern (MCM) furniture takes centre stage. In keeping with Carrie’s design sensibilities, I aim to introduce a touch of femininity by incorporating blooming flower patterns into the wallpaper, rug, and bed linen.

Working with furniture styles from the past can be a bit tricky, as there’s a fine line between achieving a timeless look and ending up with interiors that feel outdated. Hence, it’s crucial to strike the right balance by infusing a modern touch.

In my interpretation of Carrie’s interior style, I’ve integrated elements of modern cottage style to see how it harmonises with MCM. But first, I explored the realm of mid-century modern furniture to carefully select pieces that align with my concept.

Mid-Century Modern: Timeless Elegance

Mid-century modern (MCM) furniture, which emerged in the 1950s, holds a prominent place in the annals of design history. In essence, MCM design epitomises understated and refined sophistication. Its popularity has remained strong for several years now. MCM style thrives on a minimalist ethos, characterised by its clean, unadorned lines and a profound connection with nature.

MCM furniture takes various forms, encompassing tables, chairs, cabinets, and sofas. Personally, I find myself drawn to sideboards and chairs in solid wood, particularly the models I’ve chosen to highlight in this post. I feel they infuse a luxurious, yet natural ambiance.

Budget considerations can vary significantly. Authentic vintage pieces often come with a hefty price tag. Thankfully, numerous furniture manufacturers now adeptly replicate this style, faithfully recreating iconic designs. This means that many of us can now incorporate a touch of MCM into our homes.

Opposites in Harmony: Mid-century Modern Meets Modern Cottage

While some designers opt for consistent clean lines in their room layouts, my approach leans toward harmonising mid-century modern (MCM) with modern cottage. MCM exudes understated elegance, whereas modern cottage embraces vibrancy and intricate patterns. What MCM lacks in embellishment, modern cottage compensates with delicate florals and charming designs.

However, these two seemingly opposite styles find common ground in their shared emphasis on nature and natural elements. This unifying focus allows them to come together seamlessly, creating a dynamic and balanced interior design that celebrates both simplicity and exuberance.

Now, let’s break down my concept board:

1 – “Fleurs Anciennes” wallpaper by Braquenié, which represents a style that originated in the late 18th century.

2 – Oiled Mahogany Wishbone chair, from Nest UK – A Carl Hansen & Son design.

3 – Albafloss chandelier in antique brass, with 6 shades with 14cm wizard hat shades, from Pooky Lights.

4 – Expertly Restored – California Modern 6-Drawer Walnut Dresser by Stanley Young, from 1stdibs.

5 – Yves Delorme ‘Eaux’ bed linen, the one in Carrie’s apartment.

6 – Aesop standing lamp, from Pooky Lights.

7 – Blue candle holder from Pipstudio in blue.

8 – Flower Festival Dark Pink Cake plate, from Pipstudio.

9 – Antique Brass switch from Cortson.

10 – Blasco Upholstered Walnut Armchair, from Zara Home.

11 – Carpet Festa Di Lividonia, off-white by Pipstudio.

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