As Carrie bids farewell to her apartment in the second season of “And Just Like That,” we can’t help but take one last glance at her cherished space. For those who avidly followed the original series during the early 2000s, the evolution of Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment décor is a captivating journey through time. It has evolved from the early series “Sex And the City” to “And Just Like That,” while retaining its essence. Now exuding a polished and sophisticated ambiance that reflects her newfound financial comfort, the apartment still emanates the warmth and personal touch characteristic of Carrie herself.

Much like her fashion sense, Carrie’s interior design style is eclectic. She layers prints, textures, and styles and never fails to maintain harmony and balance.

New York City Mid-Century Modern Style, Infused with a Touch of Feminity

Carrie’s apartment is a delightful tribute to the New York mid-century modern (MCM) style. Her space combines retro aesthetics with contemporary elements, creating a unique and inviting atmosphere that pays homage to the past while remaining chic and relevant in the present.

The appeal of mid-century modern decor lies in its captivating blend of understated elegance, clean lines, and natural materials, particularly the timeless beauty of natural wood. A brief glance at key pieces such as the coffee table, desk, and drawer chest serves as a reminder that natural wood possesses an innate charm that requires minimal embellishment. The purity of their clean lines serves to amplify their inherent elegance, stressing the philosophy that less is indeed more.

Carrie’s interior design approach, reminiscent of her fashion sense, demonstrates her fearless embrace of blending high-quality vintage and modern elements. This infusion of modernity is intertwined with a touch of femininity that strikes a perfect balance, evoking sophistication without crossing into overly girly territory. The curated mix of decor items seamlessly creates an impression that the main furniture pieces were carefully sourced from vintage shops or antique markets. Meanwhile, a captivating blend of ‘coup de cœur’ items and contemporary designs introduces a harmonious contrast that reflects her diverse preferences.

Breaking Down Carrie’s Interior Design Style

1 – Wallpaper: Bold prints command attention within Carrie’s apartment, creating an impactful impression with wallpaper adorned with expansive blooms. This wallpaper stands as the result of a collaborative effort between Sarah Jessica Parker and her interior designer and decorator, Eric Hughes. While the presence of floral patterns is undeniably prominent, my personal inclination leans towards wallpapers that feature a heightened level of intricacy and detail, evoking meaningful symbolism. Designs such as Braquenié’s Chanderganor, which embodies a 19th-century interpretation of the Indian tree of life, align perfectly with my taste.

2 – MCM furniture: I feel these pieces are prime examples of high quality, meticulously sourced pieces from reputable antique shops. Take, for instance, the coffee table design, a favourite among countless interior designers. Its uniqueness defies replication, showcasing a solid wood construction with robust top and legs. This remarkable piece has adorned the decor since the early series, standing as a testament to its enduring allure and significance.

3 – Bookshelf: I believe opting for a status bookshelf design would have aligned more seamlessly with the apartment’s overall style. Why? The bookshelf, alongside the desk (right behind the walk-in closet in importance – of course), ranks among the most prominent features of this apartment. This, of course, makes sense as Carrie, being a writer, naturally considers it a cornerstone of her professional life. The addition of a status bookshelf could have introduced a touch of sophistication, providing the proper level of attention to the books she has undoubtedly amassed over the course of decades.

4 – Rug: (From The Rug Company) Bluebell Daydream showcases vibrant retro florals brought to life in an array of blues and purples, punctuated by vibrant hints of orange. Crafted through meticulous hand-knotting in a blend of wool and silk, this exuberant rug possesses a distinctive touch of magical realism that sets it apart.

5 – The armchairs embody mid-century style, adorned with luxurious velvet and tartan fabric upholstery. Each fabric type evokes a distinct sense of tradition and timeless style. These chairs are another vintage gem, thoughtfully sourced from antique shops.

6 – Table lamps, thoughtfully curated in a harmonious fusion of traditional and modern designs, are strategically placed throughout the apartment to cultivate a cosy atmosphere. They also serve as task lighting, enhancing the overall mood and functionality of the space.

7 – Bed linen: The floral theme is seamlessly carried through with the Yves Delorme Eaux Bed Linen in organic cotton, further enhancing the feminine design motif in perfect harmony.

8 – Classic black and white photographic artworks grace Carrie’s walls, lending a timeless charm to her living space.

9 – Pop of colour: A vibrant pop of colour is introduced through custom-made wall shelves, a table lamp, and a 50s-style desk chair, in cheerful yellow, brightening the interior with a captivating hue.

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