Despite being more of a fan of flowers, I’ve grown to value the soothing presence of green plants in my home. I’ve also refined my ability to choose plants that match my taste—I tend to favour small and medium-sized plants with light green leaves—and have learned tricks to keep them thriving longer, especially those that require less attention.

In the past year, I’ve gathered my top plant picks, placing them strategically throughout my living space. To enhance their display, I use items like books, pots, decorations, frames, side tables, and stools to group them together.

A trick I have up my sleeve to stay motivated in caring for my plants is my fondness for collecting charming and cool accessories, including unique watering cans and pots. In fact, I am always on the lookout for cool things that make activities like writing, DIY projects, or looking after plants more enjoyable.

In this post, we’re exploring my collection of indoor plants that are simple to care for, along with some accessories for welcoming them into our interiors, just in time for the fall season

1 – Spider Plants thrive when placed in bright to moderately indirect sunlight. Keep the soil damp and feed them once a month, especially during the spring and summer seasons.

2 – Devil’s Ivy plants flourish in shaded spots, away from direct sunlight. Water them when the soil starts to dry and provide monthly feeding in the spring and summer.

3 – One of my favourite plants is the Christmas cactus. I like it for its delicate pink flowers. This plant thrives in warm, sunny rooms and needs watering every 1-2 weeks. Allow the potting soil to dry out halfway between waterings, and fertilize it once every two weeks, especially when buds start to form.

4 – Fern plants require adequate filtered light to thrive. Regular misting in the morning is important. Place the pot on a tray of pebbles to maintain suitable humidity for the plant. Fertilize them during their growing season.

5 – Succulents: Choose naturally green succulents for indoor use. They need ample light and should be rotated regularly. Fertilizing in the summer months is recommended. Make sure their container has a drainage hole for water to escape. The watering schedule varies based on the type of succulent you have. Personally, I lightly water mine once a week, and they’ve been fine.

6 – Aloe Plants flourish with abundant sunlight, minimal water, and very little fertilizer. They only require fertilization once a year, typically in spring. Use a terracotta pot for planting and water them once a week.

Let’s have a look at how we can add a bit of style while welcoming new houseplants for the fall season:

1 – Large Ceiling Lamp, from Zara Home – €39,99.

2 – Ash Stool, from Zara Home – €119.

3 – Phileas rechargeable table lamp finished in antique brass, from Pooky (UK) – £120 with with 16cm empire silk ikat shade in coral and cream atlas – £39.

4 – Manolo Cushion, from Anthroplogie – €90.

5 – Mary Vase, from Anthroplogie – €40.

6 – Glazed Copenhagen plant pot, from Nordic Nest – €31.

7 – Burvik Side Table, from IKEA – €39.99.

8 – Candle Holder Green 34 Cm, from Pip Studio – €44.95.

9 – Green Gazed Plant pot , from H&M Home – €19.99.

10 – Monia Gardening Tools, from West Wing – €15.99.

11 – Metal watering can, from H&M Home – €29.99.

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