My Nine-step Guide To The Perfect Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

You might, at one point, have been obsessed (like myself) with the modern country kitchen style. The charming, timeless combination of traditional feel-good looks with modern, practical standards of living makes the country kitchen a very attractive style. Especially when it is integrated to an open living space, the kitchen becomes a statement on its own. 

In this post, I have outlined basic rules to get the country style just right, and that also includes tips for adding personal touches to your final design. Fortunately, plenty of materials, colors and finishes are available to help you create a kitchen design suitable for your home.

1/ The color scheme: I personally love classic, neutral walls for country style kitchens as they set a subtle backdrop for the cabinetry and appliances to stand out and be the star of the show. Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams and Farrow and Ball provide a very good selection of paint colors perfect for this style. (Photos source)

2/ The right flooring: Kitchen flooring is an important component of kitchen design as it brings a layer of authenticity and style. My favorite selection of hard-wearing and practical flooring suitable for the modern country style includes wooden floors, parquet and the cost-effective laminates. (Photos source)

3/ The right cabinetry: Cabinetry color depends on two factors: size of the room and available natural light. Deep, saturated hues can make a small room feel smaller and darker, whereas light colors can brighten up the space. Having glass door wall cabinets is another way to create space and make the kitchen seem open and welcoming. It is also the perfect excuse to display carefully selected kitchenware. (Photos source)

4/ A nudge of natural materials: A modern rustic touch can be introduced with the addition of items made of natural materials such as oak bar stools, leather chairs and wooden or marble finished worktops.

5/ The statement sink and its matching accessories: Multiple sizes, shapes and finishes are available to make the sink a distinctive feature of the kitchen design. Ceramic, copper, natural stones or composites are some of the materials available. Match it with the perfect mixer tap and cabinet handles to achieve a stylish finish.

6/ The iconic splash back: Subway tiles, a timeless classic, are the must-have for your kitchen’s splash back. Not only are they easy to install, but there is room for creativity with the possibility of applying different laying patterns and choosing from a wide range of colors. 

7/ The Scandinavian lighting fixtures: Brightening up the kitchen has never been as easy or as stylish! Focus can be set towards work areas, counter tops and prep-stations through adequate decorative lighting fixtures. Scandi lighting solutions are my favourite choice as their design is sleek and the budget can be accessible.

8/ Striking and stunning appliances: There is no better way to enhance the country kitchen design than with a beautiful range cooker. Although, the budget of these cookers comes on the high side, their appeal is unquestionably unique. Today, range cookers exist in several colours and styles.

9/ It’s the little things that make all the difference: Attention to small decorative touches can make your kitchen style your own. Feel free to unleash your creativity and reflect what you love. Possibilities are endless. From decorated shelves with books, clay utensils and fresh herbs to patterned window treatment and themed wall arts, you can have fun defining what suits you the best. 

I hope you liked this post!

Inass J.

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