(Part 2) Don’t Let Small Spaces Intimidate You. A Small Space Can Still Be Your Dream Place!

(There is so much to say on this topic that I split the post in 2 parts. Please read the first part here)

I have put together some of the most important guidelines to help you decorate your apartment.

6/ Establish a color scheme and carry it through the apartment: The color scheme is the common thread that will help you make the right choices when decorating your home. If you don’t want this process to turn into a complicated burden, you can follow a simplified approach that will make this creative task fun and easy. 

My suggestion is to either follow current trends and pick a color scheme that resonates with you or start with your favorite color/shade to create your own palette (There are many color scheme/palette generators online that you can use). Appealing color schemes can be successfully achieved with a limited number of colors: 3 to 5 colors max as long as they work well together. Below are few examples illustrating current trends using simple color palettes. Photos source: Shutterstock & Pinterest.

A tip for how a color scheme can be laid out from one room to another: The main color in one room becomes an accent in another. e.g.: if your sofa is velvet blue, a close shade of that blue color can be introduced in the bedroom with an upholstered headboard or bench. 

7/ Combine interior design styles with the color scheme in mind: Mixing styles is, in my opinion, the ultimate needed to add a personal touch to your home and reflects your individual style (and your place won’t look like a show house).

While style combination comes down to personal taste, a general rule can be followed to effortlessly blend in two different styles e.g.: let’s say I would like to mix Scandinavian and Boho Chic. To achieve a well-balanced and cohesive style, I would divide my furniture into 2 major groups: the functional group which includes items such as the sofa, dining table, dining chairs and bed frame, and the accent group which includes items such as side tables, side boards, rugs, cushions… etc.

My functional furniture would be picked in the minimalistic, sleek Scandinavian style whereas my Boho Chic accent elements would help inject a touch of color with contrasting effects thanks to their earthy tones, bold patterns and inviting fabrics.

A side note: Mixing old and new can create a unique, interesting combination. e.g.: An antique sideboard would go well with a modern Scandinavian lamp along with contemporary artwork.

8/ Be ready to compromise and optimize: You might have already optimized the available space by combining different zones and might have planned to use hideaways and floating shelves to clear floor space, however, it could still be difficult to neatly store all tour belongings without creating a claustrophobic clutter. When I was faced with similar issues, my solution was to rent a small storage space (usually not expensive, with climate control and not too far from my place) and consider it almost as a tiny extension to my flat. My storage space was kept tidy and organized and I regularly used it to store away any item I didn’t use on a daily basis and to store my winter shoes and clothes during spring and summer, replacing them during winter. Whenever I needed something, a quick trip down to the storage box would do the trick. 

9/ Carefully plan walkways measurements: Planning for walkways/pathways inside the apartment is absolutely critical to guarantee smooth and easy traffic. This article provides good tips on some of the important rules of measurements. These are few highlights to keep in mind:

  • Distance between a coffee table to a sofa: 35-45 cm
  • Distance between side tables to chairs: close enough to set a drink
  • Distance between seating: no more than 300 cm and no less than 90cm so to favor intimate conversation while maintaining personal space.
  • Width of walkways: 80-100cm.

Working on these measurements will help you determine the right furniture sizes for your space.

10/ Furniture measurements are crucial for a well-proportioned décor: You might come across a sofa, a chair or a dining table that you absolutely love. However, it is important to carefully consider furniture sizes to make sure they fit your space before buying anything. You should check its length, depth, width, height, overall volume and proportion: e.g, with a tape measure or a simple masking tape, you can trace the position of the sofa in your space and see if it fits. You should do the same for any piece of furniture you would like to buy. Please remember, volume and height are important too: a sofa with bulky square side arms might not be right for your space. You might prefer to have a sofa/chair with soft, round edges.

I hope these posts have helped shed some light on small apartment decorating rules. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, I would be happy to help.

I hope you liked this post!


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